Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Shawnee, KS Donates Fire Truck

The town of Greensburg received a donated fire truck from the city of Shawnee on Tuesday, May 22. Shawnee firefighters gave Greensburg City Administrator Steve Hewett the keys to a 1976 E-One fire truck. Firefighters presented the truck to Greensburg on the concrete slab where the Kiowa County fire station stood before the storm.

"We lost almost all of our fire equipment in the storm," said Hewett. "This truck will bring us back up to the fire protection we need after the storm - fire protection is one of the first things we need to get back on our feet."

Last week, Greensburg officials were handed the keys to a vehicles essential to local fire service, a 2,000 gallon 1974 Chevy Water Tender donated by Cowley County Fire District #4. Shawnee Fire Chief Jeff Hudson said, "This is about our community and the Greensburg community, neighbors helping neighbors."

Two fire trucks owned and operated by Greensburg officials were destroyed by the tornado. Firefighters from across the state are currently helping with staffing and fire protection in Greensburg.


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