Friday, May 18, 2007

Greensburg - May 18, 2007

It's Friday, May 18, and emergency crews continue to diligently work to remove storm debris, restore utilities including electricity and water; work with business owners and residents and more.

Kwik Shop on U.S. 54 has reopened and is operating out of a donated Dillons Food Store trailer. Store officials expect to reoccupy the building in about two months, with at least another four months before fuel service is restored.

1st Inn motel, located on the east end of U.S. 54, reopened this week and many emergency workers are beginning to reserve rooms.

Other business owners are eager to began re-establishing operations. Preparation and coordination are proceeding to meet those requests.

Without question, everyone, residents, businesses, emergency workers and volunteers are preparing for Saturday's exciting graduation of the 27 eighth graders and 25 high school seniors.

The eighth graders graduate at 10:30 a.m.; seniors at 11 a.m. Graduation will take place at the city golf course.

Usual attendance for this annual event is about 750 family and friends. This year, attendance is expected to top 1,500. A bus shuttle service has been arranged to transport folks from designated parking areas to the graduation ceremony beginning at 9 am. Saturday.

This nearly all-day event will culminate with a bus ride of students, family and friends by the high school for a moment of reflection.

Both the high and elementary schools were damaged in the tornado on May 4.

Access to Greensburg remains restricted to residents, registered contractors, and emergency workers and volunteers.

Nearly every county and city in Kansas has had, or is here, in Greensburg. There are other officials from across the country including Mississippi Emergency Management Agency officials, forest service employees from New York, and many more.

More than 1,750 volunteers have been registered since the storm hit.

FEMA has about 230 employees involved with the clean up.


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